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Dakota Stones Green Goldstone 30x40mm Rectangle Bead Strand

Dramatic glitter mixes with bold style in the green goldstone 30x40mm rectangle beads from Dakota Stones. Available in 8-inch strands, these rectangular beads with rounded edges feature an intense dark green color that is almost black, peppered with flecks of lighter green sparkle. These beads are large enough to use as focal points and would look great as a backdrop for gold beads. Goldstone is actually glass with flecks of copper suspended inside to give it its characteristic glitter. The glass is made in a reducing furnace with copper salts added. Goldstone has been around since the European Renaissance. Stories say that it was discovered by Venetian monks when molten copper accidentally tipped into a molten glass container. The copper content of goldstone makes it helpful in areas of inflammation and increasing blood flow. These beads are made in Italy and China. Dakota Stones offers high-quality gemstones that are all useable in jewelry designs because every bead is checked to make sure they are cut and drilled correctly, that the finish is right and that the beads look distinct to their stone type.
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